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Disposable Materials | Housekeeping Materials | Packaging Materials
Disposable Materials | Housekeeping Materials | Packaging Materials
Disposable Materials | Housekeeping Materials | Packaging Materials
Disposable Materials | Housekeeping Materials | Packaging Materials
Disposable Materials | Housekeeping Materials | Packaging Materials

House Cleaning Supplies

Give your office/home an brand new look with fresh feeling. Our customized packages for office deep cleaning are famous among st our customer due to the flexibility of choosing the services and our pocket friendly charges.


Best Quality Service

Professional Service

Trained & Reliable Staff

Best & Fair Charges


2Ply Napkin Black 33X33
2Ply Napkin Black 42X42
2Ply Napkin Cocktail 9X9
2Ply Paseo Cocktail Napkin
2Ply Soft Napkin White 12X12
2Ply Soft Napkin White 33X33
2Ply Soft Napkin White 40X40
5CP Meal Tray
Air Wick Freshmatic Machine
Air Wick Freshmatic Refill
Air Wick Roomfreshener
Airfreshener Net 60Gms
Airfreshener Stick 60Gms
Ala Rin 500
All Out Coil
All Out Combi Machin/Reffil
All Out R
All Out Reffil
Aluminum Container 450
Aluminum Container 660
Aluminum Container 750
Aluminum Foil 1kg
Aluminum Foil Net 1kg
Aluminum Foil R
Artificial Wax
Artificial Wax  Small Tin
Artificial Wax Gel
Bamboo Knote Stick
Batti Brush
Big Check Duster Cotton
Big Cotton Mop
Big Cotton Mop 26X26
Big Square Stirrer Stick 8
Big Square Stirrer Stick Black 8
Big Stirrer Stick Ball 8
Big Wiper
Black Straw Pipe
Black Straw Pipe 9.5
Brasso 500Mls
Buffen Cap UT
Burger Pin 4
Burger Pin Tir 4
Butter Paper
Caddy Basket
Cake Base 12 Packaging Material
Cake Base 1Kg Packaging Material
Cake Base 7 Packaging Material
Cake Box 12X12X5 Paper Box
Cake Box 1Kg Paper Box
Cake Box 7X5X3 Paper Box
Camphor Kapoor
Carpet Brush
Caustic Soda
Champhor Essential Oil 1/2
Chef Cap Non Woven
Chef Cap Paper
Chef Cap Paper H
Cherry Polish Small Wax
Cherry Polish Wax
Chop Stick B
Cobweb Brush
Coffee Stirrer
Colin 500
Commercial Wiper 18
Commercial Wiper 24
Commercial Wiper P
Commercial Wiper WOR
Corrugated 2Ply Cap Sheet
Cotton Mop
Cotton Sut
Cotton Sut Red
CV-010-01-White Tank
Dental Kit
Dettol Handwash R1Ltr
Dolly Paper 12 Fancy
Dolly Paper 14
Dolly Paper 4
Dolly Paper 4 Fancy
Dolly Paper 6 Fancy
Domex 500
Dona RP
Dry Mop Acrelic Refill
Dry Mop Acrelic Set
Dry Mop Acrelic Set WOR
Dry Mop Refill 24


Dry Mop Refill 30
Dry Mop Set 24
Dry Mop Set 30
Dry Mop Set WOR
Dust Bin 10Ltrs
Dust Bin 80Ltrs
Dust Bin Padle
Dust Bin Steel M
Dust Bin Zic Zac 60Ltrs
Dust Bin Zic Zac 80Ltrs
Dust Pan
Dust Pan Heavy
Face Tissue
Fancy Tooth Pick
Feather Brush
Fena Cake 300Gms
Fena Washing Powder 1Kg
Fena Washing Powder 250Gms
Fena Washing Powder 500Gms
Fena Washing Powder 700Gms
Floor Cleaner FC 2 5Ltrs
Floor Cleaner Multipurpose 5Ltrs
Floor Squeeze 22
Flush Matic Double Pack
Flush Matic Single Pack
Fork 12Pcs
Fork Black
Fork Black H
Fruit Straw Pipe
Garbage Bag 45X55
Garbage Bag Blue 20X24
Garbage Bag Blue 35X45
Garbage Bag Green 35X45
Garbage Bag20X24
Garbage Bag20X24 500
Garbage Bag28X32 500
Garbage Bag32X42
Garbage Bag32X42 500
Garbage Bag35X45
Garbage Bag35X45 500
Glass Cleaner 500
Glass Cleaner 5Ltrs
Glass Cleaner Mokleen 500
Glass Duster Acrellic
Glass Duster Cotton
Glass Squezer With Ext Long Rod
Glass Squezer With Ext Rod
Grill Brush Iron
Guest Soap 30Gms
Gum Pad Big
Gum Pad Small
Hand Gloves HK Ruber
Hand Liquid Soap  5Ltrs
Hand Liquid Soap II 5Ltrs
Hand Liquid Soap III 5Ltrs
Hand Wash Pink 5Ltrs
Hard Broom Grass
Harpik 500Mls
Harpik 500Mls Plus30
Hit Black 400
Hit Black 625
Hit Gel
Hit Red 400
Hit Red 625
JRT Roll
Kitchen Roll A
Kitchen Roll B
Kitchen Wiper
Kiwi Dranex O
Large Cotton Mop 30X30
Large Glass Duster Cotton
Lemongrass Diffuser
LIA Roomfreshner
Liquid Soap Dispenser
Liquid Soap Dispenser Empity
Lizol 1Ltr
Lizol 2Ltr
Lizol 500Mls
Lobby Dust Pan
Lux Soap 29Gms
Magic Straw Pipe 14
Magic Straw Pipe Black 14
Mayur Jug 22No
Meal Tray No 7
Meal Tray No 8
M-Fold Dispenser
M-Fold H
Mop Rod
Morteine Coil


Mr Muscle 500Mls
Mr Tall Imp Plastic Brush
Mr Tall Unique
Mr Tall Unique Without  Rod
Mr.Tall BRW
Naphthalene Ball
Nip Bar
Nip Bar 250Gms
Nip Powder
Oven & Grill Cleaner 5Ltrs
Packaging Material Non Woven 12X18 
Packaging Material Non Woven 2Kgs 
Packaging Material Non Woven 5Kgs
Paper Glass 150
Paper Glass 200
Paper Glass 450Mls With Lid
Paper HRT Roll H
Paper Ripple Cup
Paper Sraw Pipe
Paper Sraw Pipe 6 MM
Paper Sraw Pipe 8 MM
Paper Sraw Pipe 8MM
Pasta Tray 30MM
Pasta Tray 40MM
Pasta Tray 60MM
Pastry Box Paper
Phenyl 5Ltrs
Phenyl 5Ltrs Black
Pitamberi Powder 200Gms
Pizza Box 14 Packaging Material
Plastic Broom BRW
Plastic Container 100
Plastic Container 250
Plastic Container 35Mls
Plastic Container 400
Plastic Container 500 Evory
Plastic Container 750
Plastic Container 80Mls
Plastic Container Black 500
Plastic Container Jam Port
Plastic Container Jam Port 30
Plastic Container Square 1000
Plastic Container Square 500
Plastic Container Square 650
Plastic Container Square 750
Plastic Container WOL 500
Plastic Drum 100Ltrs
Plastic Glass 225
Plastic Glass 250
Plastic Glass 350
Plastic Glass 450
Plastic Glass Crystal 300
Plastic Glass With Dom Lid 450
Plastic Hand Gloves
Plastic Jhuna
Plastic LD Bag 700Gage10X15
Plastic LD Bag Size 10X12
Plastic LD Bag Size 10X14
Plastic LD Bag Size 12X18
Plastic LD Bag Size 12X22
Plastic LD Bag Size 14X22
Plastic LD Bag Size 18X22
Plastic LD Bag Zip Lock 12X16
Plastic LD Bag Zip Lock 3X4
Plastic LD Bag Zip Lock 4X5
Plastic LD Bag Zip Lock 5X7
Plastic LD Bag Zip Lock 9X12
Plastic LD Bag Zip Lock6X8
Plastic LD Bag700Gage 8X10
Plastic Material Air Buble
Plastic Packaging Material 10Kgs 
Plastic Packaging Material 15Kgs 
Plastic Packaging Material 1Kg 
Plastic Packaging Material 2Kgs 
Plastic Packaging Material 5Kgs
Plastic Packaging Material P Bag
Plastic Storage Bucket 60Ltrs
Plate RP No 7
Platic Container 1000
Razor Supermax
Rectangle 2CB Tray
Rectangle Tray 500Ml
Rectangle Tray 750Ml
RIO 202 Multi Purpose 5Ltrs
RIO 203 (H)Multi Purpose 5Ltrs
RIO 204 Multi Purpose 5Ltrs
RIO 304 Glass Cleaner 5Ltrs
Roomfreshener 470
Roomfreshener Ambi Pur


Roomfreshener Machine A.A Disp
Roomfreshener Premium
Roomfreshener Refill
Roomfreshener Refill 110PR
Satay Stick 12
Satay Stick 6
Satay Stick 8
Satay Stick Gun 6
Scrub & Sponge 2 In 1
Scrub Pad 100Mm X 150Mm
Sealing Roll
Sergical Hand Gloves
Sergical Hand Gloves Latex
Shake Straw Pipe 8
Shaving Kit
Shine Board
Shrink Roll
Small Cotton Mop
Small Square Stirrer Stick 6
Small Square Stirrer Stick Black 6
Small Stirrer Stick Ball 6
Soft Broom Grass
Soft Napkin 100
Soft Napkin 50
Soft Napkin Non Woven
Spoon 12Pcs
Spoon Black
Spoon Black H
Spray Bottle Empty
Standy Dust Pan
Steel Jhuna
Stirrer Stick Panja
Stop O
Straw Pipe
Straw Pipe 9.5
Straw Pipe State Transprent 10
Straw Pipe White Single Pack
Suma Drain Cleaner 5Ltrs
Suma Tab D4
Synthetic Essential Oil 1Ltr
Synthetic Essential Oil 500Mls
Table Paper Roll
Tablet Tissue Napkin Non Woven
Taski  D 7 5Ltrs
Taski R1 5Ltrs
Taski R2 5Ltrs R
Taski R3 5Ltrs
Taski R4 5Ltrs
Taski R5 5Ltrs
Taski R6 5Ltrs R
Taski R9 5Ltrs
Taski Suma Grill D9 5Ltrs
Taski Suma Multi 5Ltrs
Tea Candle
Telepole 6Mtrs
Telepole Combi
Them Pin
Thermocol Bowl
Toilet Brush
Toilet Cleaner 500
Toilet Cleaner 5Ltrs
Toilet Pump
Toilet Roll
Toilet Roll 50Gms
Toilet Roll Dispenser
Tooth Pick
Tooth Pick Single Packing
Umbrella Para Sol Stick
Urinal Cube 300
Urinal Screen
UT Liquid Soap 5Ltrs
Wet Mop Clip
Wet Mop Refill
Wet Mop Refill B
Wet Mop Set
Wet Mop Set WOR
White Cling Film
White Straw Pipe
Wiper Mr.Hi Fi Unique 14
Wiper Mr.Hi Fi Unique 22
Wonder Wipe Pack Of 5Pc
Wonder Wipe Spounz Cloth
Wonder Wipe Spounz Cloth S
Wooden Brush
Wringler Trooly
Yellow Cling Film
Yellow Cling Film 100
Yellow Cling Film 18
Yellow Duster Cotton
Yellow Duster Cotton33X33
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